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D u o  A l t o

Duo Alto is the result of a renewed encounter - flutist Anat Nazarathy and saxophone player Noa Mick first met as infants in the United States. Their paths separated after a few years, and crossed again while serving together in the IDF orchestra. Eventually their life journeys led them to meet as students at the Basel Academy of Music, where they founded Duo Alto in 2016.

The duo focuses on interpreting contemporary music, exploring the range of possibilities in this special combination of instruments and creating an opportunity to expand the repertoire. In addition, the duo explores new approaches to integrate theatrical elements in its performances. The duo aspires to engage the audience contemporary music in an intriguing, stimulating and experiential way.

The duo has worked with leading musicians in the new music field, such as the saxophone player Marcus Weiss, flutist player Eva Fuhrer, conductor Bass Wigress and the dancer Gabi Mahler.



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