N E O N  E n s e m b l e

New music. But not only.

The newly established Neon Ensemble Specializes in the performance of contemporary music. It is comprised of five young musicians from different origins and is based in Switzerland.

The ensemble takes the freedom to combine contemporary music with older compositions in various arrangements, as well as integrating other mediums such as video and dance in its productions.





C o n c e r t s

Folk Songs

November 10th, 20:00

November 11th  17:00

Kulturkeller Winkel, Luzern

November 13th, 20:00

Walcheturm Zürich

November 14th, 20:15

Stanzerei, Baden

November 23rd, 20:00

Kuilturraum  H95 Basel

© 2017 by Anat Nazarathy, Photos by Ayelet Odesser and Elam Rotem

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